By:  Patti Urban | Your Savvy Assistant

Facebook has evolved over the years. It is not the same old social media portal, where one would just make an account, add their close friends, and update them about their life through the “status.” It is much more than that now. Facebook has turned into a social media for online marketing, business, reconnecting and much more.

Their latest feature is about looking out for pages, or, as they call it, “Pages to Watch.” In my previous blog, I mentioned that I would be following up on this.  This feature gives you the insight of a Facebook Page. It allows you to see the latest activity, audience growth, and engagement on a certain page of Facebook. Through this feature, the user will be able to see what is important for the pages on their watch list.

Such information can be used as a benchmark for the user’s own pages. This can also help them see where they can twist their page’s posting strategy. To create a list of pages to watch, you Facebook page must have at least 100 fans. In the insight section of Facebook, the user should scroll down to see where theAdd Pages” button is.

To create your own list, you will have to choose at least five other pages to watch. The more pages you look out for, the easier it is to see the new trends.

To add new pages to your list, tick the blue add pages button and type the name of a new page in the search bar, and then click watch page to your list.

However, if you are having difficulty finding your page, check the page name again — some pages may change their name or have a different name in their parent company. As advance as it is, Facebook will automatically help you with the new pages based on your past choices.

If you do follow any suggested pages, Facebook sends those pages a notification that you have added them to a watch list, although the page will not know it is you who is watching them. For Facebook users, page likes, comments, and sharing are still the major metric for many marketers, even though Facebook posts do not reach many fans.

This feature is of valuable use too, as through the Pages to Watch element, you can keep an eye on other pages, and see how their engagement grows or reduces.

Therefore, the “Pages to Watch” feature could inspire a new strategy by focusing on pages which might be or not be in the niche.

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