By:  Patti Urban | Your Savvy Assistant

The number of small businesses is on the rise and subsequently, the contracting of virtual assistants has risen with it.  Many virtual assistants are tasked with social media management, graphic design, newsletters, marketing materials, website design, SEO, sales funnels, on-line class creation, and a multitude of other tasks. They are an asset for entrepreneurs because they are not employees but rather independent contractors.  Entrepreneurs are stripped of the burden of having to pay for employee-related taxes, social security, workers comp, or providing extra office space.

Virtual assistants rely heavily on the internet as it is the main way through which they communicate with small businesses. On the other hand, small businesses heavily rely on social media for marketing and advertising. It means businesses have to acquire an extensive  footprint on social media in order to recruit and sustain customers. To do this, businesses contract a virtual assistant for the task of social media management.

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook has evolved to become an important platform through which small businesses can interact with their customers. Businesses can market, advertise, share new information through Facebook Business Pages. The new Facebook changes will make it easier for users to access information and assist page admins to access the tools they need to run the page.

Page timelines are now updated from the traditional two-column feed to a new design where posts will be the same in users’ News Feeds and Pages. The timeline right column will feature information about the Page’s posts while the left column will feature info about the business. These include a map, business schedule, website URL and phone number.

The new navigation options Facebook has added to the top of the page will enable users to have easy access to key admin tools. Tools that will help them access their activities, settings, and insights. For instance, the Build Audience option offers direct access to the Ads Manager account.

Pages to Watch is a new option that enables Page admins to list Pages that they are interested in preferably their competitors’ or partner. The feature enables page admins to quantify the performance and engagement stats of the listed Pages under the Overview option.  Coming soon is an entire article on Page to Watch.


The Facebook changes will make the platform more streamlined and easier to navigate especially for a virtual assistant who is tasked with social media management.

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