By Patti Urban | Your Savvy Assistant

The many processes that enables a business to run properly and scale upwards require the services of multiple employees. Depending on the size of the business, you as the entrepreneur might comfortably handle all of the core functions of the business, or you might get to hire a few helping hands.

However, other front-end tasks, such as the arrangement of meetings, advertising, bookkeeping, customer support, etc., still require attention. With a lot of critical functions requiring your attention, your ability to handle every relevant task by yourself might be turning your workload into a nightmare! With limited office space or cash flow to aid the hiring of other employees, outsourcing some tasks to a virtual assistant becomes an ideal solution.

Importance of Working with a Virtual Assistant

  • Organization

Although you may be well aware of the service you are looking to provide as an entrepreneur, you may be lacking key organizational skills. Similarly, with an ever increasing work load as your business begins to stabilize, organization may be forced to take a back seat for other essential tasks. A virtual assistant helps keep your business organized with key duties like project management, communication, time-keeping, and file sharing falling under their duties. With a virtual workplace software aiding collaboration, you minimize the chances of missing anything.

  • Specialization

The virtual assistance industry has added an increasing number of specialized skills to its collection of duties. Thus, you can now find virtual assistants with specialized knowledge of market research, social media management, digital marketing, graphics design, website design, and much more.

  • Budget Control

Rather than employ a number of full time staff with all of their accruing benefits, virtual assistants act as valuable substitutes. This has the added benefit of reducing your expenses on rent, power, and internet usage. Virtual assistants are estimated to save you about 40% in business expenses.

  • Focus

As virtual assistants take care of specialized tasks that would otherwise consume so much of your time, you are free to focus on your own specialty. This way you are save yourself the frustration and time required to battle these tasks.

  • Business Scaling and Productivity

As your sales and order volumes continue to increase, you might notice a growing decline in your delivery time. This indicates that it is time to scale up your business with additional manpower. Short of adding full time employees, virtual assistants help accommodate the growing inventory, while also helping you maintain an excellent customer satisfaction rate.

  • Flexibility

With very flexible work schedules, virtual assistants can help attend to tasks that require urgent attention. Given the contractual nature of your relationship, failing virtual assistants can also be easily replaced.

Will a Virtual Assistant Benefit your Business?

Regardless of how long your business has been around, doing everything by yourself gets tiresome at some point.  With the costs involved in hiring full time employees something of a big deal for small scale businesses, outsourcing to a virtual assistant will help you engage your time in more productive ways.  A virtual assistant can always be of help if you are beginning to feel overwhelmed, or if there are tasks you have very little knowledge about or simply dislike.

Patti Urban is a Business Support Specialist and Owner of Your Savvy Assistant.  She can be reached at


Patti Urban