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I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 20 years. However, since 2009, I founded and ran a home care agency in my small New England town in Connecticut. I was drawn to working with our elderly population because I enjoy being in service to others. In other businesses I ran, the business model was simple. I did all the work. With a home care agency, that was not even an option. I soon had to learn to wear many hats:  scheduler, Human Resources Human Manager, bookkeeper, marketing wizard, social media manager, networking queen, public speaker, author, caregiver, salesperson, event coordinator, and so much more. On top of that, I would do intakes of clients in their homes and train caregivers.

I soon realized I needed to delegate some of these functions. The first thing I did was hire a bookkeeper.  As the business grew, I added an office/HR manager and a scheduler. Next came a sales person and a client care coordinator.  I was immersed in business plans, budgeting, marketing, advertising, events and more. What I didn’t know, I soon had to teach myself.

I became so proficient on Facebook that I had over 13,000 followers while my competition had 125-150. That’s it. I grew my email list to over 2000 subscribers in a very short period of time and sent out monthly newsletters. I automated every aspect of my business.  I even hired virtual assistants to help with blog writing, data input, and graphic design.

And then, one day back in April of 2017, someone came through my door and offered to purchase my business for cash.  It was a total surprise as my business was not for sale. However, when someone offers cash, it’s good to accept. So I finalized the sale of my homecare agency on June 30, 2017.

After a whirlwind sale, what was I to do now?  After researching the topic thoroughly, I came across VA Bootcamp, a course on starting a virtual assistant business.  I decided to jump in with both feet since (1) I knew how to run a business, and (2) I already possessed many of the skills needed to be a VA.  Now I just needed to determine what I liked doing the most and focus on it.

As I went through the course, I clearly found out that I did not know as much as I thought. This course put everything into perspective for me, and I am grateful for the additional knowledge and all the continuing education.  One in particular is their Savvy Tech Trainings where you can learn so many new skills such as how to create an on-line course, how to use Leadpages and Canva, WordPress training and so much more.

So here are the top 5 reasons why I became a virtual assistant:

  1. In the years of running my agency, I discovered that I loved marketing and was very good at it. It filled my creative desire, and it was an easy decision to start a marketing company.
  1. After being an entrepreneur for 20 years, the thought of becoming an employee and having to ask for time off was alien to me. I had successfully run businesses before, and I would do so again.
  1. Because of my local agency experience, I was already well-known in my market. I could convert my contacts into prospective clients because they already knew, liked, and trusted me.
  1. As a professional speaker already, I could step into the role of an authority and pitch my business.
  1. Once again, I could be of service to others and help them succeed in their businesses. This is my passion and my comfort zone.  I chose to focus on authors and speakers, entrepreneurs, and home care agencies.

I’m thrilled to be a Virtual Assistant, or as I like to refer to myself, a Business Support Specialist.  I believe that title more definitively describes what I actually do.  After all, I get to help others succeed by simply getting them out of the back office and in front of customers where they belong.

If you’d like to learn more about services for yourself, visit me here.  A copy of my portfolio will automatically be sent to you.

~ Patti Urban

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